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Early Start Better Help (ESBH) for Preschools

The ESBH programme is a school-based learning and developmental support programme for pre-schoolers.

Overview of ESBH Programme

ESBH is a programme designed to provide better support for preschoolers with mild to moderate developmental and behavioural needs within an ordinary preschool setting.  With appropriate support rendered to the preschoolers from an early age, their ability to integrate and function effectively increases tremendously when they reach primary school going age.

ESBH adopts a multi-prong approach. With the child at the core of the programme, ESBH recognises the importance of other key players and their integral roles, namely the preschool teachers, the parents and main caregivers of the child.

Benefits of ESBH Programme

From identification, assessment, classroom observations to attending the support programmes, the child remains in a familiar and natural environment.  The close links between the Specialists and the child’s teachers allows easy and healthy two-way feedback and communication.  Parents do not need to worry about ferrying the child to an external centre for such programmes during school hours as all assessments and support programmes are conducted at the preschool.

The Specialist Team can work with the preschool to organise training sessions for the preschool teachers that are tailored to their needs.  With better support, the preschool teachers will be more confident to manage and handle the child.

Components of ESBH

ESBH has two main components:

i)   Specialised Support Programmes (SSP) for the child

ii)  Training & Consultancy for Preschool teachers

The Specialised Support Programmes (SSP) address the needs of the child in the following areas:

i)    Learning & literacy

ii)   Attention & concentration span

iii)  Gross and fine motor skills and coordination skills

iv)  Social communication, language and articulation

v)   Behavioural, socialisation and interaction

The Specialist Team will recommend the type(s) of SSP appropriate for the child after the initial assessment.