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Funworks @Kidspace (2-4 years old)

An Early Intervention Programme for toddlers and young children with learning and speech delays, weak social skills and challenging behaviours.

Children with autism, global developmental delay, ADHD will benefit from this programme. The programme involves:

  • Social skills and small group learning;
  • Use of functional language;
  • Sensory processing and integration;
  • Emergent reading & literacy; and
  • Simple numeracy.

Funworks introduces the young children to group interaction and learning by providing opportunities for them to interact with peers through fun and stimulating activities. The programme aims to:

  • improve the child’s attention and listening skills;
  • encourage eye contact;
  • improve sensory integration and processing;
  • help children initiate play and play appropriately with others;
  • improve communication and use of functional language in a social setting; and
  • reduce activity level and improve attention span.

Funworks adopts a 3-stage play:

Stage 1 – The Experience Stage: The child uses his/her senses to explore the toys and materials.  Through these explorations, they will be made aware of their visual, auditory and tactile reactions to various objects in their environment.

Stage 2 – The Discovery Stage: The toys and materials guide the child to discover different ways to use it and its pieces; for example, where to touch, turn or twist it, where to put things in or take them out.

Stage 3 – The Imagination Stage: The child uses imagination and creativity to come up with more ways to interact with the toys and materials.