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Handwriting Programmes

Handwriting Programmes @ Kidspace

Get it Write! (for 3 – 6 years)
A holistic and fun-filled programme that prepares young children for formal handwriting:

  • Develops fine motor skills essential throughout a child’s educational journey;
  • Transfers fine motor skills from manipulative activities to actual writing skills;
  • Improves postural control and spatial awareness that is required for desk work;
  • Equips child with writing readiness skills; and
  • Introduction to writing instruments.


Write it Well! (for 6 – 12 years)
An activity-based programme that enhances the handwriting skills of school-going children:

  • Strategies to reduce mirror-image handwriting;
  • Strengthens fine motor skills and pincer grip;
  • Strokes refinement;
  • Appropriate spacing between letters and words;
  • Writing on the line and within squares;
  • Proper use of writing instruments;
  • Improves concentration and focus; and
  • Instilling good writing habits and writing confidence.

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