Empowering People with Diverse Learning Needs
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Learning Support @Kidspace (7–15 years)

Learning Support @ Kidspace is a specialised programme that aims to equip students who are in mainstream schools with learning strategies that will enhance their performance in the academic subjects, and allows students in SPED schools or home schooled to access the mainstream curriculum to learn at their own pace.





Objectives of LSP @ Kidspace

  • offer learning strategies tailored to the needs of the individual student
  • provides students attending SPED schools or are home schooled  with access to and support with the MOE curriculum
  • provide subject-specific learning, e.g. catch-up learning, improving understanding of key concepts, application of concepts learnt
  • help with transition between schools
  • provide an appropriate physical environment and equipment, e.g. quiet area with desks, computers, internet access
  • offers standardised tests and adapted forms of evaluations
  • build self-esteem, enjoyment of learning and pride in academic achievement 

We provide coaching, tutoring and homework assistance in an environment conducive for small group and individual learning.

Desired Outcomes

The child acquires learning strategies and skills that help to enhance his academic performance so as to achieve a more positive overall learning experience.