Empowering People with Diverse Learning Needs
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Specialised Programmes

Social Communication and Language

This proprietary programme is specially designed to help the child develop social communication skills, and enhance language skills. This programme places special emphasis on enhancing vocabulary commonly used in speech, expressive and receptive language, comprehension and speech fluency. Highly engaging activities and language games are used to help children with speech, communication and language delays.

Fun Gym (Gross Motor)

Our Fun Gym programme aims to  promote strength, flexibility, balance, body co-ordination and develop fundamental movement skills.  With better body awareness, balance, spatial awareness and sustained physical focus, the child’s mental clarity, ability to complete a task, and emotional control will be greatly improved.  Emphasis on symmetry, smooth movements and activities that promotes self-regulation reduces the autistic child’s need for flapping and rocking movements.

By working on the trampoline, balancing beam, obstacle course, junior bars, sensory balls and hoops, the children with special needs are:

  • offered opportunities to practice self regulation
  • encouraged to increase their muscle strength, ability to perform symmetrical movements and achieve balance; and
  • pushed to increase their stamina with sustained gross motor activities.

On the whole, the Fun Gym programme helps the child improve his/her gross motor function, develop good self-esteem and confidence.

Read for Joy (Orton Gillingham Multisensory Phonics)

This unique phonics instruction programme uses a systematic, structured and multisensorial approach to help children read, write and spell. This programme is ideal for beginning and emerging readers, those with learning delays, dyslexia, speech and articulation challenges.

Do drop us an email at askus@kidspace.com.sg to register your child for the above specialised  programmes.  An assessment will be done to assess the suitability of your child for the above programmes.